Oh hai Interwebz. Remember me?

Like has taken a turn for the (more) insane, with the end of study period scramble for essay-survival, starting a new position, trying to keep up with existing jobs, birthday parties galore and the impending doom of the Silly Season. So what is a person to do? Go nuts, drop everything and write a blog entry? Seems like a good plan to me! It’s either that or find a way to fold time in order to hold down three full-time jobs AND study full-time. (Those wishing to collaborate on this endeavour by way of financial and/or scientific expertise are welcome!)

There has been a recent uproar in my person set of beliefs and views. I find myself no longer calling myself a “feminist,” but instead have adopted the term “equalist” to give a domain to my new opinions. So, why don’t I identify as a feminist any more? Mostly because the more extreme a viewpoint the less “equal rights” it is and the more “we’re more equal than them!” it is. In this instance, feminist viewpoints stand to serve as a distraction from the actual fight for equality, and as a touchstone for those who think women are a dominant gender more deserving of prestige. Well, that’s just wrong. Men and women and neuter (or “other”) should have access to the same rights, responsibilities and merit-based privileges as one another.  You get what you deserve because you have worked towards it, not because your gender entitles you to more than any other. Plain and simple.

Student burn-out has been on my radar as well these past few weeks. I have hit the end of my second year of my degree and have come to the conclusion that powering through it may now actually be possible. So many of the people I started around the same time as have dropped out, or taken time off, or dropped down to part time. I feel a sense of achievement that I have made it this far without such. Having said that, while studying with Open Universities does give me certain privileges not otherwise experienced by students (namely, a greater variety of university providers to choose my units from), it does leave for a rather exhausting degree experience. Thirteen week study periods backing on to thirteen week study periods with maybe  few days off over the xmas break (but not really because there are assignments due either side of those days off) makes for a very very tired Nephthys. Not to mention I am actually currently doing third level units to clear my major. *le sigh* Still, this too shall come to pass… and all shall be witness to my whinging and complaining and eventual triumph over the forces of evil university.

So, dear interwebz, I guess that’s a bit of an update of recent times. It’s not hard-hitting. It’s not entertaining. It’s not even vaguely interesting, but it’s something and, for the time being, that’s what you get.

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