Why You Should Read This Blog!

Do you eat food?

Do you sometimes venture out of your home to eat food?

Do you live in Perth, travel to Perth or want to travel to Perth?

Do you have general distrust for those critics that publish their critiques in newspapers, employing fancy language that doesn’t actually tell you about the food?

Do you want to see what food the most isolated city in the most isolated state of the most isolated country in the world has to offer?


This is the blog for you!

I don’t go out to “fancy restaurants” very often, but I do like to experience the food of Perth. I live here, so I am always on the look out for those hidden gems tucked away somewhere. What’s more, I like to share my findings with other people, in the hopes that I will turn them away from the fast food chains that encourage obesity and heart disease. It seems silly to me that you would choose deep fried, tasteless cardboard over something that actually resembles food sometimes in less time than the supposed “fast food” outlets!

You need to eat and if you live in Perth, it may seem that you are extremely limited for choice. We don’t have the cultural reputation of Sydney or Melbourne. This doesn’t mean we don’t have culinary treasures awaiting us. Even if it is known for one dish, wouldn’t you rather go to an eatery that you knew someone else had been to, you had seen a picture of the food on offer there, and had read that person’s honest critique of it and understood it? I know I would.

Sure there are other bloggers out there who cover the food of Perth. But I am covering solely food you can get to. I don’t talk about my food at home or a friend’s house. I am telling you of all those little places you might not try for yourself, but have always looked at wondering if anyone you knew had eaten there.

Let’s face it. You have to eat. Why not eat with a companion who has already been there and done that, so that you might enjoy it more?

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