If you would like to read some of my work, simply click on the links below:


Nile, M. (2012). “We Aim To Misbehave: How The Browncoats Changed The Face of Community As We Know It” Paper presented at CommUnity: Online Conference on Networks & Communities in 2012, for the Department of Internet Studies, Curtin University, Australia.
This paper was nominated for a Mr Pointy award in 2013, for academic publications of the work of Joss Whedon.



Nile, M. (2012, 2013). swarm conference blog.
This is the blog advertising the swarm conference and informing attendees of speakers, topics covered and giving those unable to attend coverage of each of the day’s proceedings. Held each year, it is an honour and a privileged to be part of such an amazing crew.

Nile, M. (2013, 2014). Living Smart blog.
I write and maintain the blog for this sustainability education group working out of Fremantle, Western Australia.



Nile, M. (2013). “External Study offers Flexible Learning” Short Article for MCCA 2012, Curtin University, Australia. page 30.
I was approached to write an article for the Curtin University Media, Culture & Creative Arts Graduate Booklet for 2012.

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